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Full solutions come after the questions in each sample paper.

This page lists the physical books available from RSL Educational (along with some downloadable sample papers). If you are hoping to buy 11 Plus papers and solutions in electronic form - or if you are interested in creative writing guides or multiple-choice papers, for example - you may be interested in 11 Plus Lifeline.


RSL 11+ Comprehension: Volume 1
119 Amazon Reviews
“No other material provides such detailed answers.” (TG, parent)
“I have not come across anything quite as good as this.” (English teacher)

A private tutor in your hand

Does your child enjoy reading but struggle to express their ideas effectively in tests? Are their answers sometimes wide of the mark? Are they unsure about what examiners really want?

Written by a tutor with extensive experience of successfully preparing children for entry to top schools, RSL 11+ Comprehension is designed for children who want to develop excellent exam technique. Eight challenging and entertaining papers, with varied question styles including creative writing, are accompanied by uniquely detailed, lengthy answer pages. Every question in the book has model solutions and a detailed discussion, showing how it should be analysed, planned and written. Try a free 11 Plus Comprehension paper to see for yourself!


GCSE Maths by RSL: Higher Level (9-1), Non-Calculator 35 Amazon Reviews
"No other revision tool, in my opinion, gives such thoroughly explained solutions. It is like having a tutor in your living room, without spending £30 per hour!" (Rachel P)

New Product! Everything you need to know for an outstanding performance

If you need realistic GCSE maths practice, but your knowledge and confidence aren't quite exam-ready, these papers have been designed for you. Start today with the free paper below!

Written by an award-winning author and experienced tutor, RSL's solution sheets are like having a teacher in your home. Handwritten example answers for every question teach you how to structure your working, often with several alternatives. Careful explanations guide you through each method, emphasising the lessons to learn and pointing out common mistakes.

In total the book contains over 270 pages of material: six entertaining, realistic papers with full answers, based on the new 9-1 GCSE Mathematics syllabus as set by British exam boards (Edexcel, OCR, AQA and WJEC). Three papers are worth 100 marks and three are worth 80.


RSL 11+ Comprehension: Volume 2
40 Amazon Reviews
"It's like seeing a 'light bulb' go on and she can suddenly see what it all means." (Michael)
"These are the very best prep papers on the market, edited to the highest standards and truly reflecting the entrance papers for the most sought after schools." (Miss Wheeler, tutor)

  • Companion volume to the very popular RSL 11+ Comprehension.

  • Can be used alongside Volume 1 (doubling the number of each type of paper), or as a follow-up for thorough 11 Plus preparation.


RSL 11+ Maths: Volume 1
72 Amazon Reviews
“My son was so much more confident while sitting 11+, even the hardest exam." (Shivali)
It is like having a tutor present, going through the answers." (Charlie, parent)

Maths practice made enjoyable

Does your child find it difficult to read a maths question and choose a good method? Do they sometimes find maths dull and pointless? Are they unsure how to present their answers in an exam?

RSL 11+ Maths contains 180 pages of material, with six exam papers, graded from Standard to Advanced. Every question has its own handwritten answers (often showing a number of different methods), making the working-out accessible and easy to imitate. Solutions are accompanied by discussions of the skills to learn. The questions are varied and fun, with an emphasis on real-life and humorous situations which children can easily relate to. The explanations focus on the tricky step from words to numbers: How can an awkward question be turned into a simple piece of maths?


RSL 8+ Comprehension
23 Amazon Reviews
“Having done a few, my son's confidence has grown immensely and he is more willing to do comprehensions. In his own words, 'I feel more well prepared to answer the questions, especially where I have to read between the lines'." (Shiro P, parent)
“These are the best comprehension exam papers I've seen.” (D. Gray, parent)

A thorough foundation for 8+ to 11+ comprehension

These papers are designed for children preparing for English exams at 8 Plus, 9 Plus and 10 Plus levels. They are also an excellent foundation for comprehension at 11 Plus. The passages are interesting and varied, progressing from a simple level (where nothing is taken for granted) to a more advanced standard which permits a seamless transition to RSL 11+ materials.

The book's structure is similar to RSL 11+: eight papers, each with detailed answers and explanations.


RSL 13+ Comprehension
22 Amazon Reviews
“Lucidly written, appropriately detailed and flawlessly organised." (Bapi)
“Some of the very best learning materials that can be bought.” (JohnN, tutor)

Challenging, absorbing papers for ambitious students

If your child is comfortable with the demands of RSL 11+ Comprehension, this book is a natural next step. Once again, eight papers are accompanied by detailed solution pages. These provide even more depth than in the resources for younger children, reflecting the more sophisticated texts and the more extensive answers required. The free 13 Plus paper below shows the RSL method at its best.

These papers are ideal preparation for all 13+ exams, including scholarships. A student who has completed them will also have a solid foundation for their GCSE course.

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