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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I buy here or on Amazon?

Please feel free to do either. However, our prices are better, we offer large discounts for multiple purchases and our postage is often faster.

Are your papers suitable for grammar school candidates?

Our 11+ materials are useful preparation for any exam. They are designed to teach the fundamental skills in a challenging but informative way. Unlike some grammar school tests, they do not use a multiple-choice format, but the essential skills are the same. If your child is preparing for grammar school entrance, they should probably also practise with multiple-choice exercises, for example those published by CGP, or those on the Manchester Grammar School website. If they want something more interesting and informative than the usual grammar school preparation fare, our papers may be what they are looking for.

Are your papers available for download? Can you email me a copy today?

If you choose First Class Delivery at the checkout, your papers will usually arrive within 1-2 days; if your order is dispatched before the last Royal Mail collection time, it will usually arrive the next day. You could use the sample papers available on this site while you wait, in which case your child will be able to start work straight away.​ Unfortunately we do not offer electronic copies, in order to protect our copyright.

How do I leave a review?

Thank you for the thought! Reviews make an enormous difference. You don't need to have bought from Amazon to review there.

If you have taken the time to write a review, please consider emailing to let us know who you are!

How to review on Amazon

  • Find the book here and click on it.

  • Scroll down to ‘Customer Reviews’.

  • Click on ‘Write a Customer Review’.

  • Select the number of stars.

  • Write a short comment and headline.

  • Click ‘Submit’.

Do your papers teach creative writing?

Our English materials contain numerous creative writing tasks (often as an extended final question in a comprehension test). Because these are accompanied by specimen answers and detailed discussions of what an examiner is likely to be looking for, they teach creative writing more fully than other products we have come across. Materials focused wholly on creative writing will be published during 2017. In the meantime, keep an eye on our blog for relevant articles.

Will your materials be too difficult for my child?

Our papers are supposed to be challenging: they are designed to stretch a child's intellect and make them comfortable with tricky questions, so that they will feel confident even if faced with a tough exam. However, 'too difficult' usually describes a situation where a child cannot get something right and does not understand why. Our papers offer detailed, step-by-step discussions of every answer (best used with an adult), which explain how the question has been analysed, how the example has been planned and written, and what lessons to learn from it. This should mean that a child is never left struggling. If more work on basic skills is needed, you may wish to start with an easier pack (i.e. the 8+ pack if your child is preparing for 11+, or the 11+ pack for 13+).

Do you offer materials for 9+ and 10+ candidates?

The papers in RSL 8+ cover the demands of 9+ and most of 10+; for thorough 10 plus preparation, these could be followed by the first papers in the RSL 11+ pack. Similarly, the 8+ pack is a good way to make the essential skills secure in the early stages of 11+ preparation.

I don't like these papers: they have not been useful.

Fortunately, we have never yet received this feedback. However, if you do have criticisms, please tell us. We need to know what is wrong with our products as well as what is right, so that we can keep improving them. ​You can use the Contact page on this site, or the email address on the back of your pack.

My product arrived damaged or with printing errors.

Please accept our sincere apologies. We receive this complaint incredibly rarely - but when we do, we always post a replacement immediately. We are careful with our quality control, but an occasional printing glitch may slip through.