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RSL Educational

Our mission is simple: to publish the best exam preparation materials for UK students, with a special focus on the 11+ test for grammar and independent schools.

Whether for 8+, 11+, 13+ or GCSE, our award-winning resources make learning more fun while demystifying the assessment process. They teach children to understand how a marker thinks.

Explore the options below to find out which product or service is the best match for your child’s needs.

Click here if you need interactive online courses for multiple-choice 11+ exams – especially the GL grammar school test.

Click here if you’re preparing for independent school 11+ exams or for mixed-format grammar school exams (e.g. the Essex CSSE test), or if you need all-round 11+ support, covering all skills and subjects.

Click here if you need books of practice papers for specific exam styles at 8+, 11+, 13+ or GCSE, with example answers and detailed solutions.

Click here if you need free feedback on your child’s creative/essay writing or comprehension (free try-out of the 11 Plus Lifeline marking service).

Click here if you need popular home-study resources for creative writing.

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