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"I cannot stress enough how brilliant these papers are. I bought these to help prepare my daughter for the 11+ (she got a place and earned herself high praise at the interview as the school were amazed at her level of comprehension). Each paper comes with a separate, thoroughly explained answer sheet which makes teaching much simpler. I myself am not a teacher but the papers are so well written that teaching became such an easy task and this became the only resource I used ... My son, who is already in a grammar school, decided to have a go and after having worked through half the volume found himself in the top spot in his English class!" - Fariha


Our mission is simple: to publish the best practice exam papers and preparation materials in the UK ... and our customers seem to be impressed! Whether for 11+, 13+, 8+ or GCSE, our award-winning English and Maths books make study fun while demystifying the assessment process, so that students learn to understand how a marker thinks.

Our products mimic the exam papers of many schools, better than others that we are aware of; but also - more importantly - they walk young people - and their parents - carefully through the skills that they need to acquire. This way, students have the best possible chance of understanding how they can improve and why.

Every pack is the product of extensive development, testing and adjustment, not to mention thousands of hours of teaching experience. Every exam paper is accompanied by model answers (at least one per question), and extensive, clear discussions of the techniques needed.

Try a FREE PAPER with your child and judge for yourself! Use LIVE CHAT to ask any questions right now, or send an email: I'll reply immediately if I can.

All our latest material for 11 Plus is published through 11 Plus Lifeline:

Mumsnet Best Award 2016 for RSL 11+ & RSL 13+ Comprehension & for RSL 11+ Maths


Private tuition is not suitable for every young person, particularly at the 11 plus stage. We hope that some families will find our materials an effective, inexpensive alternative to a tutor - and much better than ploughing through past papers.

Where families choose to use our books alongside tuition, they will add context to the tutor's suggestions, as well as offering high quality, realistic practice.

We place great value on maintaining relationships with our customers. It is only through understanding what they need, what they have found helpful and what they think can be improved, that we will continue to provide the very best products. We would love to hear from you with any comments or questions.

Finally, please have a look at our exceptionally thorough School Admissions Guides, which cover schools such as Dulwich College, St Paul's Girls', KES Birmingham and Manchester Grammar - and many others!