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Robert's 11 Plus Lifeline

_A new approach to revision, based on the award-winning 'RSL 11+' series

Finding excellent 11 Plus practice material is really difficult.

Even when you track down some good questions, they almost never come with high quality answers:

  • If your answer was wrong, how are your supposed to know what was wrong with it?

  • If your answer was OK, how do you find out if it could have been even better?

How many practice books actually answer questions like these ones?

Not many!

As you’ve probably discovered, it’s possible to spend a huge amount of money on books – and still end up with material which is wrong for your child.

It doesn’t need to be like this – and after listening carefully to nearly two years of customer feedback, I believe I’ve found a solution!

With my new 11 Plus Lifeline ser
vice, I send you a realistic 11 Plus practice paper with full solutions, every single week. And if the service isn't right for you, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Each paper:

  • has RSL Educational’s famous example answers with uniquely detailed explanations;

  • is an 11 Plus Lifeline original: it will never be from an RSL Educational book, or any other publication.

    And all for the price of a cup of coffee once a week!

Sometimes the papers are for Maths, sometimes for English Comprehension, and sometimes for Creative Writing; and sometimes a mixture of these. To capture the full range of 11 Plus exam styles, some papers ask for handwritten answers, and some are multiple choice.

What's more, my Silver and Gold subscriptions include premium benefits which parents have been requesting for a long time, while still offering superb value.

Try it risk-free: If you change your mind, you can cancel at any time in the first month for a full refund. Cancel later on, and you won’t pay for anything apart from the current month.

Sign up now by choosing your Bronze, Silver or Gold subscription below. All prices include VAT.

If you aren't yet familiar with the content and format of RSL Educational materials, you might like to look at these samples from my books for English and Maths (be sure to scroll as far as the solution pages) and these customer reviews on Amazon. 11 Plus Lifeline offers papers similar to these sample questions (though you will always receive fresh, unpublished materials), as well as in a range of other 11 Plus styles for independent and grammar schools ... but always with the example answers and clear, thorough explanations which RSL Educational's customers have come to expect.

If there's anything else you'd like to know, please have a look at the Frequently Asked Questions below, which are based on the questions I most often receive from people looking at this page - or feel free to get in touch.



Four original, unpublished, top-quality RSL 11 Plus papers every month.

  • Detailed, friendly, thoroughly-explained solutions make everything clear.

  • Example answers for every question.

  • The award-winning RSL experience, direct to your inbox, every week.

  • Full refund if cancelled during first month.

  • No cancellation charge at any time.

£8.59 per month (£1.98/week)

See terms and conditions


Everything from the Bronze plan, plus:

  • Full RSL solutions for a real-life 11 Plus past paper set by a school in recent years (along with a link to the question paper), twice a month.

  • Allow your child to test their skills on the real thing!

  • Full refund if cancelled during first month.

  • No cancellation charge at any time.

£14.99 per month (£3.46/week)

See terms and conditions



Everything from the Bronze and Silver plans, plus:

  • 40 minutes of email consultation from me in every two month period, offering personally-tailored advice based on your child's written work.

  • Full refund if cancelled during first month (unless consultation used).

  • No cancellation charge at any time.


£34.99 per month (£8.07/week)

See terms and conditions

Frequently Asked Questions

You keep mentioning your ‘Example Answers and Uniquely Detailed Explanations.’ Is this just a marketing slogan?

You’re probably used to practice books with the answers stuffed into a few pages at the back, in a tiny typeface and with minimal explanations (if any at all).

On the other hand, the three 11 Plus Lifeline papers I’ve written most recently, for instance, have:

  • 16 A4 pages of answers, explanations and guidance, and 9 pages of questions (Maths - for Silver and Gold subscribers, sent yesterday);

  • 7 A4 pages of answers, explanations and guidance, and 3 pages of questions (English Comprehension for all subscribers - sent out a few days ago);

  • 20 A4 pages of answers, explanations and guidance, for one question (Creative Writing for all subscribers - to send out this coming week).

This is because I write at least one example answer for every question (often several). My explanations discuss these answers carefully, as though I’m giving a one-to-one tutorial to the student: explaining the key techniques and the potholes to beware of; revising core skills whenever possible; and always maintaining a gentle, chatty tone. Everything is clearly and elegantly formatted.

Interesting, thought-provoking questions are important, and hard enough to find; but at risk of sounding arrogant, I can say that my solution pages are genuinely unique. Nobody else publishes anything even vaguely like them.

If you still need to be convinced, you might like to read some of my books’ reviews on Amazon. 11 Plus Lifeline offers different materials, but written to absolutely the same rigorous standard.

Maths or English?

Sometimes my papers are for English and sometimes for Maths. Over time you will receive a mixture of Maths, English comprehension and creative writing: I will be guided by what my customers need. Whatever I am writing each week, my focus is always on creating the highest quality material that I can.

Will your papers be relevant to my preferred school?

They should always be very relevant, even if they aren't exactly like your school's exam every single week. Everything I publish through 11 Plus Lifeline is focused around the Key Stage 2 syllabus, and the most in-demand exam styles, based on the most popular schools among my subscribers, are my focus. Shortly after you sign up, I’ll be in touch to check which schools you are aiming for, and I use this information to keep my service relevant. But I see the variety of my papers as their strength: this way I can offer an outstanding, all-round intellectual workout. In the end, your children will probably perform better than if they had simply crammed for one structure of test.

How does the Real Papers service (Silver & Gold subscriptions) work?

Twice a month I send Silver subscribers an 11 Plus past paper published by a popular school, along with a set of worked solutions and my usual thorough advice: in exactly the same style as the solutions to my own papers. Just like my other 11 Plus Lifeline papers, these Real Papers will move between Comprehension, Maths and Creative Writing, always maintaining a healthy variety.
Of course, Silver and Gold subscribers also receive all the material written for Bronze members.

You say I can cancel for a full refund in the first month. Is there any catch?

No. If you cancel in the first month you will get your money back. That’s it.

The only exception is if you are a Gold subscriber and have already used the consultation included in your subscription, in which case you can’t have a refund for that month.

Do I have to commit to several months’ subscription? Is there a cancellation fee?

No and no. You can cancel whenever you want, without paying a penny more than you already have. I rely on my customers being sufficiently impressed by the service that they don’t want to cancel!

I’m a teacher/tutor. Can I share the papers with my students?

Sharing or copying 11 Plus Lifeline papers is against the service’s terms and conditions and a breach of my copyright – if many people did it, I would go out of business – but if you get in touch, I will be glad to discuss creating a special discount code (the code can include your name or brand if you wish) for your students.

If I subscribe to the Gold service, are you able to offer advice by phone or over Skype, rather than through emailed comments?

Yes, of course. If you take out a Gold subscription, you are paying for my time and my attention to the academic needs of your children. How you prefer to use that time is largely up to you. (There are a few terms and conditions specific to Gold subscriptions.)

Can I upgrade/downgrade my subscription after signing up?

Yes. You can do this yourself, by logging into your Customer Portal, or by sending me a message with your request.

I can’t pay by credit or debit card. Can I still subscribe to 11 Plus Lifeline?

We’ll find a way to get you on board! Send me an email with your phone number, and we can talk things through. Some subscribers pay by bank transfer each month, for instance.

If you have any other questions, please get in touch.