Free 11 Plus Video Series

"As I am not very confident at comprehension I felt I would not be able to help my son much but this has given me confidence and I am excited to start working with him." - Sajid (video comment)

My completely free videos demonstrate the most important methods for success in 11 Plus (and 13 Plus) exams for grammar and independent schools, including:

  • how to structure your child's preparation;

  • how to develop comprehension technique;

  • how to use past papers effectively and where to find them;

  • how to teach multiple choice skills;

  • how to build up your child's essential abilities and how much help to give them;

  • how to develop writing skills;

  • how to help your child with topics you aren't strong on yourself;

  • how to balance helping your child with your own schedule;

  • how to avoid stress.

The series explains the most useful things I’ve learnt in a decade of teaching for these exams and writing about them. It offers a toolkit of simple, effective techniques which you can use with your child straight away.

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Robert Lomax

"This is so clear and fills me with both excitement and confidence. Thank you soooo much for making these videos."
- Karin